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Work Package 2

NMs Characterisation

The aim of work package 2 is the basic characterisation of the NMs being used in the different tests within NanoToxClass. Characterisation of the nanomaterial as synthesised will focus on those materials and parameter not prior determined for the selected NMs. Extending on this basic characterisation the NMs will also be determined and described in the corresponding test media as well as after some artificial processing / aging. Processing aging steps currently foreseen are combustion and mechanical stress such as sanding or milling of composites containing the nanoobjects as synthesised.
Following graph depicts the strategy pursued within WP2.

Endpoints of the characterisation will be e.g. particle size distribution, morphology, solubility, surface reactivity and oxidative potential. These characterisation data will be collected according specified protocols which will also be made available to other researchers by publishing the corresponding standard operation procedures SOPs.

WP2 tasks:
Task 1 - Characterization of NMs as synthesized
Task 2 - Characterization of NMs in relevant test media
Task 3 - Production and Characterization of aged and released NMs

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This project is part of the SIINN ERA-NET and is funded under the ERA-NET scheme
of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission,

Research Directorate - General, Grant Agreement No. 265799

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